Secrets of Panama Corp. was established in 2011 with the purpose of providing a local and authentic hot sauce, conveying the true flavor of Panama culture to our visitors.

Our hot sauce, called Hot Chombo, reflects the proper combination in the amount of heat, not too hot, not to mild, bringing an explosion of Caribbean flavors.

Our main ingredient is the Habanero Pepper, the hottest chili pepper in the world with 300.000 scoville units per pepper, with no coloring or artificial preservatives, using only the right amount of Rum as a natural preservative, which makes this hot sauce a unique product in the world, with a truly Caribbean essence. Rather than a liquid format, our hot sauce is presented in condensed format, providing a fine gastronomic tasting at the table.

Our company complies with local and international standards and regulations, producing a hot sauce of great quality, where food safety is our first priority.

It is a home and handmade product, whose jar comes with a little spoon for the right amount of hot in every serving.


The company is a founding member of the Panamanian Food Chamber, and is also registered at the Exporter Division of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama


By the time of construction of the Panama Canal, African and Caribbean people came to Panama not only to provide their labor force, but also to bring their culture and gastronomy, introducing a mix of delicious Caribbean food with the natural spices to produce this unique hot sauce.


Our company's mission is to provide our customers all over the world the best local ingredients and flavors that express our Caribbean taste, which is reflected in our slogan, "An Explosion of flavor in every serving". As a socially responsible company, we support the programs of Make a Home Foundation, which helps people in disadvantageous economic conditions.